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Introducing Dispatch AI, the cutting-edge AI-powered virtual agent designed to streamline your 911 call center's administrative calls. Our innovative solution helps your center automate incoming admin line calls, meet community expectations, free up limited staff to focus on emergency life-saving calls, minimize multi-vendor complexities, and seamlessly integrate with almost any emergency response programs that you currently use.

Dispatch AI In Action:

Demo #1

Demo #2

How Dispatch AI's AI-Powered Agents Transform Your Call Center:

  • Automated Admin Calls:  Dispatch AI's AI-powered agents utilize advanced natural language processing to answer and route calls, manage basic requests, file complaints, answer commonly asked questions, and much more, all without human intervention.

  • Enhanced Community Service:   With Dispatch AI, your admin line callers receive the service they need in a self-service manner. Our AI-powered agents interact with callers, understand their requests, and direct them to the optimal solution, continuously learning and improving over time.

  • Focused Emergency Response:  By attending to your 10-digit and 311 lines, Dispatch AI's AI-powered agents allow you to better address industry-wide staffing challenges. Dedicate more of your scarce resources to handling emergency, life-saving calls while our virtual agents manage non-emergency inquiries.

  • Seamless Integration:  Dispatch AI is designed to add on to both Carbyne's APEX and Universe solutions, ensuring a smooth and efficient integration with your existing call center infrastructure.

  • Customizable Solutions:  Our team of experts works closely with your call center to tailor Dispatch AI's AI-powered agents to your specific needs and requirements, ensuring that your community receives the best possible service.

Dispatch AI's AI-powered agents can assist your call center in numerous ways, such as:

  • Informing callers of scheduled road closures

  • Filling out complaints and generating reports

  • Providing alternate phone numbers for specific inquiries

  • Transferring callers to the appropriate department

  • Answering frequently asked questions about local services and resources

Launchware's Commitment to Robust Safeguards in Dispatch AI

At Launchware, we prioritize the safety, reliability, and effectiveness of our Dispatch AI solution. We have implemented a comprehensive set of safeguards to ensure our AI-powered agents can handle the wide range of requests they may receive, including unexpected or edge cases. Here are the key measures we have put in place:

  • Extensive Training Data: Our AI agents are trained on an extensive dataset covering a broad spectrum of potential caller inquiries, including rare and unusual cases, to minimize encounters with entirely novel requests.

  • Clearly Defined Escalation Protocols: We have established precise criteria for when our AI agents should transfer a call to a human agent, such as when the caller's request is not understood after multiple attempts, when the request includes keywords indicating a potential emergency, or when the caller specifically asks for a human. In these situations, our AI agents are programmed to inform the caller clearly that they are being transferred to a human representative.

  • Human Supervision and Feedback: During the initial deployment phases, human agents monitor our AI's interactions and stand ready to intervene if necessary. They also provide valuable feedback to continuously refine and improve our AI's responses.

  • Confidence Thresholds: Our AI agents are designed to assess their confidence in understanding the caller's request and providing a satisfactory response. If the confidence level falls below predefined thresholds, the AI will seek further clarification from the caller or transfer the call to a human agent.

  • Continuous Monitoring and Updates: We constantly monitor the performance of our AI agents, analyzing any failed interactions or caller complaints to identify areas for improvement. We regularly update our AI's knowledge base and training data to incorporate new scenarios and best practices as they emerge.

  • Graceful Failure Handling: In situations where our AI is unable to assist with a request, it is programmed to provide a courteous response apologizing for the inability to help and offering alternative resources or contact information when appropriate.

  • Ethical and Safety Constraints: We have implemented strict constraints on our AI's responses to prevent it from providing any advice or information that could be dangerous, unethical, or unlawful, even if directly requested by a caller.

  • Caller Education: We provide clear upfront information to callers about the capabilities and limitations of our AI agents, setting appropriate expectations for the types of inquiries they can handle. We make it easy for callers to request a human agent whenever needed.

  • Regular Testing and Auditing: We conduct regular tests with a wide range of edge case scenarios to proactively assess our AI's performance and identify any weaknesses or failure points. Our AI undergoes regular audits by both technical and domain experts to ensure optimal performance and safety.

  • Robust Security and Privacy Measures: We employ state-of-the-art cybersecurity protections and adhere to all relevant data privacy regulations to safeguard any caller information handled by our AI agents.

At Launchware, we are committed to the responsible and ethical development and deployment of our Dispatch AI solution. By incorporating these robust safeguards, we ensure that our AI-powered agents can provide reliable, safe, and effective assistance to 911 call centers and the communities they serve. Your safety and trust are our top priorities.

Ready to transform your 911 call center with AI-powered agents for administrative calls? Contact us today at or (304) 466-4605 to schedule a demo and discover how Dispatch AI can help you better serve your community while optimizing your call center's resources.

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